360 Spherical SDK: Our Licensing Packages

Our Video Stitching solution is available at StereoStitch.com

Our 360 Panoramic SDK is available at dermandar.com/SDK

  Pro HD Enterprise
Price per app & per platform $4,999 (or $1,749 yearly) $9,999 (or $3,499 yearly) $19,999
  Core Features
Fully automated capture system
Fast photo stitching
On-device stitching No need for internet connection
Handheld capture
Hardware integration Rotator and Fisheye Lens
Simple API: Easy integration
Advanced Exposure modes: Auto, Fixed
Available platforms iOS & Android iOS & Android iOS & Android
  Premium Features
Vertical Resolution 2048 lines (4K) 4096 lines (8K) 4096 lines (8K)
Yin-Yang Interface Customizable White-Label
Native Spherical Viewer Price per app & per platform $999 (or $349 yearly).
Multi-Bracketed High Dynamic Range (HDR) Price per app & per platform $2,499 (or $874 yearly) $4,999 (or $1,749 yearly) $9,999
Use your own lens $4,999 per lens model
  Technical Support
Maintenance Updates To keep compatibility with OS evolutions Included in all packages
Dedicated Support: •Email hotline •Help for integration •Performance updates •Discounted price for features updates $2000 per year & per platform
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*All prices are in USD.